Am I influencing or trying to control? Reframing advocacy and clinical leadership (with Candice Noss)

There’s a difference between influence and control.
Whether we’re making suggestions to a coworker, asking a supervisor for support, setting expectations with kids, or interacting with someone in an online forum…we’re all attempting to create behavioral change. 

In “helping people” professions, it’s easy to get emotionally involved with our work. 
This makes it difficult to identify if there are actionable steps we can take to impact bigger, systemic issues vs. when we should put our heads down and focus on the work (or people) in front of us. 

Just how far should we go in trying to convince other people to act or think a certain way? 

When is it our job to speak up, and when do we hit the point of diminishing returns? 

It’s easy to let our thoughts spiral about these questions; especially when we have lingering feelings of guilt that we could be doing more.

That’s why I invited Candice Noss to episode 150 of De Facto Leaders to talk about how educators and therapists can tame their thoughts surrounding leadership and advocacy. 

Candice Noss is a dynamic and passionate speaker and coach, renowned for transforming and elevating lives through her business, The Mind Body Spirit Trifecta. As an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy, along with her 20+ years working as a Physical Therapist, Candice brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to every stage, course and coaching engagement.  

By addressing the entire human trifecta, the mind, body and spirit, Candice provides a powerful holistic approach to confident, healthy living.  Candice liberates and empowers others to genuinely thrive which ripples into every facet of life. An elevated life elevates business.  Candice clarifies how to elevate performance with a mind firmly aligned, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

✅Setting boundaries vs. trying to control: Why making this distinction can reduce burnout and create space for your “dream projects” 

✅Allowing consequences vs. forcing compliance: Can and should you “make” kids do their schoolwork (or any other task they don’t want to do)?

✅How to determine, “What is my job in this scenario?” when advocating for yourself or others, educating the public and/or coworkers, or handling disagreements. 

You can learn how to connect with Candice on her website here: 

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In this episode, I mention the School of Clinical Leadership, a program that helps related service providers take a stand for themselves as leaders on their team as well as for their students. In the program, I’ll help you create a comprehensive plan for putting executive functioning support in place on your school team by giving you the tools you need to influence your team. You can learn how to become a member here:

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Am I influencing or trying to control? Reframing advocacy and clinical leadership (with Candice Noss)