Using private practice to offer accessible services and advocate for your profession (with Ebony Green)

Most people involved in K-12 education aren’t in it for the money, but with high caseloads and low pay; a lot of people are considering a career transition.

For people in therapy roles, private practice is a common option on the table; but many come from a “helping people” mindset and struggle with the idea of focusing on business and revenue.

That’s why I invited Ebony Green to episode 130 of the De Facto Leaders podcast to talk about how scaling her private practice has helped her provide accessible services to underserved communities as well as fulfilling careers for therapists. 

Ebony Green, M.S., is the CEO and founder of SLP Business Suite, an innovative educational platform where she teaches speech-language pathologists how to grow their businesses to six and seven figures. Ebony has more than a decade of public and private sector experience as a certified speech therapist who specializes in autism and bilingual speech support. She grew her own practice, CASA Speech Development Services, to seven figures in just three years through multiple school contracts that support more than 700 students annually. Ebony has helped her clients secure contracts across the country totaling in the millions.

Esteemed industry organizations, including the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the National Black Speech Hearing Association, have tapped Ebony to present both virtually and in-person for national conferences. She’s the host of the SLP Business Podcast and has also been sought after in various media outlets including The Speech Goods Podcast, Telepractice Today, Speechie Side Up, SLP Money, Bird Means Business, and VoyagePhoenix. A married mother of two, Ebony lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona and enjoys being a soccer mom and volunteering with her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop in her free time.

In this conversation, she shares:

✅How expanding her service offerings and revenue has allowed her to offer inclusive services to communities that previously had limited access to support

✅Why contracting with schools has allowed her to offer competitive pay for her team, while advocating for manageable caseloads.

✅How to determine what services to offer and what niches to serve (and how to determine when you should say “Yes” to opportunities).

✅The importance of finding coaches and mentors to help you advance in your career; including how to find the right advice at the right time.

You can learn more about Ebony’s private practice at: and on Instagram at @casaspeech_ot_az/

Learn more about the SLP Business Suite at: and on Instagram at @theslpbusiness_suite/
Connect with Ebony on Instagram at:@slpcontractsqueen/

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Using private practice to offer accessible services and advocate for your profession (with Ebony Green)